Excel Consulting

How can we help you?

If you wish to spend less time doing manual repetitive tasks, and focus more on what you do best, come look for us!

Build Quotation Systems

We are expert in building Quotation Systems with an elegant user friendly interface, and able to generate Quotations, Invoices, Letters and Charts in various formats such as PDF, WORD or EXCEL.

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Automate Tasks

Save hours each day by automating boring, repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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Fix or Enhance Workbooks

Excel macros built by ex-employees no longer works? Let us help bring it back to working condition, as well as improving the speed and efficiency of the Excel Workbook.

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Pulling data from Web

We can help you programatically download massive amount of data from the web, and store it in a nicely structured format in Excel. Also provide services in formatting and cleaning up data.

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Custom VBA Macros Coding

Rapidly develop Custom Business Applications based on Excel/VBA or VB.net to maximize the efficiency of your organization.

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Excel Reports Automation

Combine data from various sources into useful and well organised spreadsheets, pivot tables and charts. Presentable for management or clients.

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Our Difference

You won’t need to explain every detail

Our consultants are expert programmers with extensive corporate backgrounds, and hands on experience in business operations, therefore we can better understand what you are trying to achieve with technology.

Priority Service

We pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of service for every client. Our development speed is among the fastest in the industry. 80% of our work are delivered within 2 business days, urgent same day service is also available.

Problem Solver

We are good at coming up with the most logical solution to problems and making things work, within reasonable budget.

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